Imagining Your Future Self for Better

Hey Everyone, hope you all are doing awesome!

In this article, I am going to write about the future version of myself.

A personality I would truly like to be in the coming years by putting up all the hard work and dedication it would need.

I would say imagining your future self, noting it down, and then putting it in front of the world(your friends, family members, office mates, etc.) is the best way to move in the direction of achieving your long-term career goals.

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This is something that I have recently learned from my online mentor, Digital Deepak. In fact, this short descriptive summary of my future profile is also written as part of one of the Digital Deepak Internship Program assignments. You can visit the link to know more about the internship.

Anyways, here is a 2.0 version of me- someone who is more popular than what I am today:

Vishal is the founder and CEO of Inbound Champions, a top-ranked inbound marketing agency in India serving 300+ clients across the country. The firm assists small and mid-sized businesses in boosting their online visibility and digital ROI.

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Vishal is also recognized as one of the best digital marketing consultants and affiliate marketers in India. Moreover, he specializes in many facets of online marketing, including SEO, SMM, PPC, affiliate marketing, lead generation, online reputation management, and more. For the inspiring work as a digital innovator, he and his business has continuously received media coverage across India. He is also very popular on social media and keeps his well-wishers updated about the latest trends in online marketing through his insightful and riveting posts.

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He started his career as a content marketing expert crafting realistic B2B stories for leading Indian IT firms and thereafter never looked back. He switched into affiliate marketing, later on, and started his affiliate blog about electronic gadgets. Because of his dedication and true love for tech gadgets, he made his website go big and get listed among the best electronic gadget buying portals in India. Today, the xxx website receives millions of monthly traffic. Before starting his digital agency, he also worked as a B2B marketing expert for four years helping top tech firms like Accenxxre, Cognixxt, and Payxm elevate their online presence via apt marketing and content strategies.

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He is also very passionate about sports and likes to play cricket and badminton. Virat Kohli is his favorite Indian cricketer from the current bunch and he takes a lot of inspiration from him. Virat’s dedication, determination, and resiliency impress him the most. When not working, Vishal likes to spend most of his time with family and friends uncovering the hidden travel destinations in India. As of today, he has traveled 10,000+ miles across the Indian territory and looking to reach more.

Hope you liked this idea of imagining yourself in the future and then announcing it to the world so you work harder every day to achieve it. This also helps you stay away from handling the pressure of your own goals/expectations.

If you liked this idea of writing your future self and want to suggest some improvements, feel free to comment below.

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